Professor. Dr. Ching-Hua Chiu 邱靖華
Professor Chiu Ching-Hua got his Ph.D. in biomechanics from National Taiwan Normal University in 1999. He is currently teaching in the Graduate Institute of Sports & Health Management, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. The major interest of his research focuses on Geoengineering, Computer Simulation in Biomechanics, Optimal Control , Neural Networks & AI, Multibody Dynamics, Physical Fitness. He is devoted to doing research and making inventions concerned with energy, environmental protection, medical treatment, sports, and necessities of everyday use. Technology and materials involved in the above aspects are explored in the endeavors to develop more practical, more intelligent, and more user-friendly devices and facilities.
Professional Appointments
2006-Prsent Professor , National Chung Hsing University
2001-2006 Associate Professor , National Chung Hsing University
1992-2001 Lecturer , National Chung Hsing University
Honors and Awards
2008-2011 Head of Institute: Graduate Institute of Sports and Health Management, NCHU, Taiwan
2009-2012 Editor-in-Chief: International Journal of Sports and Exercise Science
2010 Lifetime Achievement Academic award
2010 Pride Nation Academic award
2011 Silver award, Inova 36th International Invention Show
2011 Bronze award, Inova 36th International Invention Show
2012 Bronze award, ITEX 12th International Invention Show
2012 Marquis Who's Who in the World 2013 -30th Edition
2013 Bronze Prize, KOREA Invention Promotion Association
2014 Silver Medal , 2014 Pittsburgh, PA USA. (International Invention Show)
2014 Gold Medal , 2014 International Invention Design Competition (Hong Kong)
2015 Marquis Who's Who in the World 2015
1995-1999 Ph.D. , Biomechanics, National Taiwan Normal University
1990-1992 M.S. , Biomechanics, National Taiwan Normal University
1985-1989 B.S. , National Taiwan Normal University
.Research on Sports Biomechanics
.Optimization of Human Motions
.Study and Design of Sports Equipment
.Sport Science Research Method
.Study on Measurements and Facilities of
    Fitness and Wellness Center
.Computer Simulation in Biomechanics
.Optimal Control
.Neural Networks & AI
.Multibody Dynamics
.Physical Fitness
Lab Lab of Sport and Health Technology
Lab of ComputerSimulation in Biomechanics
Wellness Center
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