TCJ's name 

NCHU Harvard
Organization   Position   Date  
Chung-Hsing University   Associate Professor   8/1994~present  
Harvard University   Postdoctoral Researcher   7/1992~6/1994  

Topics   Organization   Date  
Construction of High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer   Caltech   9/1987~6/1989  
Strain Measurement of Ion Implanted Silicon   Caltech   7/1988~6/1989  
Ion Beam Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy - SiGe system   Caltech   7/1989~6/1992  
Hot Filament Assisted CVD and Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Diamond   Harvard University   7/1992~6/1993  
Curvature Measurement of Structure Relaxation of Amorphous Ge   Harvard University   7/1993~7/1994  
Hydrogenated Amorphous Si Characterization - sub-Project of Research on light-pen Based Digital Board   Chung-Hsin University   3/1995~7/1998  
Silicidation Process studied by curvature measurement   Chung-Hsin University   7/1996~present