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Ecology Software by Hsin Chi

        The following programs are also available for non-profit or academic use and can be downloaded from http://nhsbig.inhs.uiuc.edu/wes/chi.html (Illinois Natural History Surveys, USA ).


If you cannot install the software, it is due to the problem of Microsoft. 

According to Microsoft, the Service Pack 4 of Visual Studio 6 addresses and corrects several issues in Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0.  The Service Pack solves problems with Visual Basic Controls, international versions of Visual Basic, and the Package and Deployment Wizard. Service Pack also corrects several of the miscellaneous problems that cause general protection faults and automation errors in the Visual Basic environment. 

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/sp/vs6sp4/vbdownload.asp?id=10 for more detail.

I will receive the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 6.0 Service Pack 4 in the August 2000 MSDN shipment.  Then I will be able to make the new version available to the user.  Please be patient.

Educational Software

Exponential growth, logistic growth, competition, predation, sampling, distribution analysis, ....

Advanced Software

Age-stage, two-sex life table analysis, 
Timing of population management, 
Prediction on Taiwan population, 
Probit analysis
etc. ......................


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