"Brave New Word" is derived from Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World.  Huxley's hi-tech society is smooth and efficient but, ironically, is also totalitarian,  a dystopia akin to that represented in George Orwell's 1984.  Our website, however, hopes to turn this dystopia around: we are solely concerned  with the aesthetic applications of digital technology, particularly with the exploration of digital functions that can enhance the visual apprehension of language.  Our contributors offer their work to be circulated for free on the Internet towards the goal of engendering a truly BRAVE NEW WORLD of words.
    This website springs from a joint effort between Shuen-shing Lee (a.k.a. Poseidon) and Shao-lien Su (a.k.a. Milo Caso) to construct a literary platform wholly devoted to works done with Macromedia Flash.  Animation and interactivity have brought a brand new look to literature; Flash easily encompasses both avenues of expression.  This project began at the end of 1999, when Lee and Su began uploading their Flash works.  It is hoped that this flagship demonstration will persuade more Chinese writers into this hyperworld of words.
     Shao-lien Su was born in 1949 in Taichung, Taiwan.  He graduated from Taichung Normal College and now teaches at the Shalu Elementary School in his hometown.  Su was a founding member of celebrated poetic societies such  as "New Wave," "Dragon People," and "Taiwan Poetics Quarterly."   He has published more than fifteen books of poetry.  His hypertext writings debuted on "The Garden of Forking Paths" in 1998. Currently he is the webmaster of "The Isle of Modern Poetry."  [more]
     Shuen-shing Lee was born in 1963 in Changhua, Taiwan.  He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chung Hsing University.  Lee has published two novels, and has contributed hypertext reviews to the China Times' column, "The Net Reading District," since 1997.  In 1998 he created one of the first Taiwanese  websites devoted to Chinese hypertext literature.  One year later he initiated "Hypertext Literature" and "Literature and Hypermedia Arts," new courses in the undergraduate and graduate curricula of his university. [more]

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   Brave New Word 譯為「美麗新文字」, 網站命名靈感來自赫黎胥(Aldous Huxley)
Brave New World(《美麗新世界》)。 赫黎胥的高科技世界既美又新,但實行極權政治, 體制和歐威爾(George Orwell)《一九八四》 的世界相去不遠。本站只取科技的美學應用, 特別是能賦予文字新閱讀向度的功能部分。 而成果並不攬為私有,創作者都願意將這些 「美麗新文字」放在網際網路,在這個真正 自由的「美麗新世界」上發表。
   本站源起於一九九九 年底,李順興邀請蘇紹連共同架設文學網 站,以展示Flash作品為主。動態及互動設 計的加入,為文學呈現一番新風貌,Flash 這個套裝美工軟體符合這些功能需求,國外 網站已出現不少範例作品,李順興在《中 國時報網路閱讀區》專欄曾舉例介紹。 基於這樣的認知,兩位創作者開始上載作 品測試,期能拋轉引玉。
   蘇紹連,一九四九年生於台中縣沙鹿鎮, 畢業於台中師範專科學校, 現任教於台中縣沙鹿國小,曾參與組織「 後浪詩社」、「龍族詩社」、「台灣詩 學季刊」社等及編輯詩社刊物。詩作結 集出版計十餘種。九八年開始於歧路花園 發表超文本作品,目前主持現代詩的島嶼及 談詩坊。〔寫作記事
   李順興,一九六三生於彰化縣福興鄉 (鹿港),現任教中興大學外文系, 曾出版兩部小說。九八年建構歧路花園, 以刊載含「非平面印刷成分」的超文本 作品為主,九七年起於中國時報開卷版 網路閱讀區專欄撰寫超文本評論,九九 年起在中興大學開設「網路文學」及 「文學與超媒體藝術」。 〔寫作記事